Aditya Jitta

I am finishing my PhD from University of Helsinki, where I am advised by Arto klami. I did my Masters in Machine learning at the University College London.

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Currently, working on meta-learning and active learning pipelines for text classification. I am also interested in wide range of topics: Bayesian deep learning, Natural language processing, building end-to-end deep learning models for music.

On Controlling the Size of Clusters in Probabilistic Clustering
Aditya Jitta, Arto Klami
AAAI, 2018  

Controling the size of the clusters with the priors.Using constrained optimization.

Partially hidden Markov models for privacy-preserving modeling of indoor trajectories
Aditya Jitta, Arto Klami
Neurocomputing, 2017  

Infinite Hidden Markov model for indoor trajectories

Few-to-few cross-domain object matching
Aditya Jitta, Arto Klami
AMBN, 2017  

Cross domain object matching where the number of objects to match are constrained

Probabilistic Size-constrained Microclustering.
Arto Klami, Aditya Jitta
UAI, 2016  

A size-constrained clustering where the cluster size remains small as the data increases.

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